Happiness is letting every situation be what it is instead of what you think it should be, and then making the most of it. -@momentaryhappiness

never stop being curious. this was a year of learning. figuring out what works, what doesn’t. what should and what shouldn’t, chosing vs doing, and most of all… self awareness


to be alive is to feel things deeply. to be true to the world, you must become the world. There’s no way out but through. -andreabalt

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

coming across this photo more than halfway through this year was a wake-up call. this year is flying by so fast and i find myself in a stand-still. being 30 makes me want to solidify a lot of things in my life.


Today has a reason and a purpose. Today you can clearly see what’s already happened and you can directly affect what is to be.


this was my favorite attempt at customizing my layout late last year. i also started implement bits&pieces segments and hope to carry it out for as long as i can.

being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect – you know what i mean jellybean?

the real name is not sheneki but it can fly for this. i’m a woman with a lot of creative potential. i’m something different to a few, something special for chosen ones, and something extra-ordinary to the ones who’s stayed true.

i’m a girlfriend, daughter, bestfriend, and an employee. i’m never fully satisfied, always wanting more, and expects nothing less. i am inspired by little things that make out the big picture. this is just the beginning, a never ending beginning of trials and tribulations and i’m all about WYSIWYG~

i inspire, i give advice and live through experiences like a guru, but deep inside i know nothing. it’s about feeling and not knowing. everything is unexpectedly expected.

i have 2 girls by my side and they are my lifelines. through good times and bad, they are at my side and i am at theirs. they come first after my mom. it’s a bond that i’m proud to have and is definitely worth fighting for. i am not who i am without them, they are my sanctuary. most people call their significant others as this, but right now at this point of my life, nothing is more solid than these 2. we may not agree at most times and may have fought on more than one occasion but they are my life until i’m off to the next chapters.


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