bar hops twenty-sixteen

img_5571kstar found a list on blogTo, then asked me if I was down for an adventure. i quickly said yes and the quest began as we checked off each bar listed here [blogTO], one by one/back to back creating memories at every single venue.

there was talks about visiting at least one bar per month but let me not bore you with the specifics. plus, not important at this point because as of last Friday we were done. finished the list and now it’s time to rate each one:



likes: the gaudi-inspired woodwork
cons: didn’t like the crowd, drinks were expensive
moment: went with my work parents. the bouncer wouldn’t let K in because he claimed the place was full. we waited for a few people to leave and when we got in it wasn’t that full inside. the woodwork is definitely a must-see but that’s about it.


likes: music. they have games you can play physically. drinks reasonably priced
 filled with first year college/university kids. basement smell… bathroom is tiny and gross.
moment: no one likes this bar but i (non-secretly) do. i find it amusing to watch these first year students out and about in a “club” like scene. I would definitely come here again just to generation-watch (if it stays open long enough).


likes: their cocktails are creative and of course polinesian inspired. their drinks contain at least 2+ oz of mixed alcolohol. flaming mai tai’s and decor (the subtle ones).
 they did this thunder/lightning/gong + a chant + plumes of smoke that hurts your eye (eventually) each time someone ordered a mystery bowl. not the typical bar-bar (can be a good thing)
moment: our server annoyed me by being slow af, then only giving me only 1 oz of orange juice and lime juice at a time upon order. hahahha and note to self only order drinks that you know (or K knows). at first i was going to give this place a 1 out of 5 stars because the service was shite*. one whole star for the drinks and one other star for the theme.

4. APT 200 

likes: vibe+ambiance good, music was real good, seriously felt like someones loft.
 the bathroom experience was weird. there’s cover after a certain hour.
moment: the conversation was flowing here and i felt comfortable. i would go back here again before 9pm for the pool table and lay back, chillax with a good amount of people.


likes: the games, the different room vibes. this is a club in someone’s house.
 hard to get drinks
moment: went here for an after work party (buzzed) and the music was consistently good and all we did was jump around and dance. It gets pretty packed, but if you’re lucky you can find a small spot by the arcade table games.


likes: crowd was good. live band. great drinks, friendly staff+owner. music was good enough.
 place is small (by the bar) and this spot is a bit out of the way
moment: caramel something old fashion. good vibes here.


likes: the string lights at the back, very pretty
 didn’t like the crowd, the servers were the worst ever! snotty douches! there is a long list of drinks that they offer.
moment: headed here with the crew after the good vibes from the nightowl and the Walton was the total opposite. had one drink and bolted out of there. I was too tipsy to note the drink menu… and I fell on a pot hole.


likes: the venue, the staff, the food(ish). 
 middle of nothingness. pricey
moment: this was our first official bar visited from the list (after the Addison). it was memorable.


likes: n/a
moment: honestly, who closes at 1 am on a Friday night? This place of course. We may or may not visit this place but we are counting it as an experience regardless.

I wonder how this year’s best bar list looks so far. I already know there’s a bunch of new bars we need to check out.

Officially proven to be a great way to check out the city, a bit expensive but worth it if your main goal is to create good/bad moments somewhere new. All you have to do is pay attention.

[Rating: Any 🍺🍻🍷🍸🍹= a point out of 5 ⭐️]



tonight was another one of those nights where we found ourselves saying ‘the weather is so nice, let’s sit on the patio and enjoy it while it last. it could be one of the last times we can this year, so let’s take advantage’.

the crew has been saying this for the past month and it hasn’t gotten cold enough yet for us to chose to sit inside the bar.

this summer’s sunsets has been the most memorable i can remember so far. there are a few factors for this though. 1)it may have been the first time i may have given it more thought than i’ve ever allowed 2)it may have been the colour i saw when i started following @pantone earlier this year on instagram 3)simply put it could’ve been because this was the first summer i actually got out and about within the city.

but let’s just face it – it was just the first time i’ve been single during summer.

yes, in all technicality i am single but my heart hasn’t followed suit. i haven’t began looking/dating. there’s been a few instant crushes passing by that could turn into potentials, but that’s as far as it goes. i’m still that hopeless romantic, where i tell myself – i’ll definitely step up if i ever see him again. step up meaning ‘sharing a glance, then eventually building up the nerve to approach’. but in the city, it’s hardly unlikely.there was that one time that i came across a passing crush where i agreed (internally) to try talking to if i ever saw again but – i froze – stared at my phone and decided not to approach (or make eye contact) because insecurities. then my thoughts jumped to believing he’s crushing on my bestie. haha

but really, what’s the worst that could happen? he doesn’t remember ever running into me in the elevators. we share an awkward pause then i get off the subway wayyy before i am supposed to get off. dangit check out my ramblings… back to sunsets. do you see how beautiful they were. spent a lot of time looking up at the sky, falling deeply in love with the colours and thinking there’s only so many tomorrows.

the views from the 6ix was different this summer and i owe it all to the crew. perfect weather plays a part but when you are surrounded by people who enjoys the city as much as you have always felt everyone should, then it’s all just gravy. and everyone knows how much i love gravy!

AGO’s Thirsty Thursday

art is not what you see, but what you make others see. – edgar degas


but not everyone sees it.


“Some people are artists. Some, themselves are art.


ART is about emotion; if art needs to be explained it is no longer art.
– Pierre-Auguste Renoir


The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance Aristotle


art is the only way to run away without leaving home. –Twyla Tharp