a lot of bloggers are always trying to keep current on what’s going on in other blogs. as per usual, i have procrastinated my May hobby. As it appears, this may be the last week that i am able to use my injury as an excuse to hit the gym. (side story – flew out of a golf cart at the beginning of the month for a golf outing for work). but that only gives me today and/or tomorrow to finish my project. this week will be hectic as J and i try to execute a long thought about summer cleaning for the balcony. we haven’t hosted a party for the past couple of years here in my apartment because the place is in much need of updating. just to list a few, i need to take back my balcony from the ever growing pigeon abomination that has terrorized and claimed my balcony for the last couple of years. mom and i want to buy new couches, because let’s face it, our couch is about 10 million years old (gr.9 to me)… and i need a real self bought bed set that is bigger than a twin.

the title of this entry is cravings for a reason. i want all of these things and this year instead of vacationing outside of the country, i’ve just been dreaming of the things that i want instead of traveling. it would be much easier if i had an option to credit all the wishlist that i have but unfortunately that is not an option still as i recover from my finances. but technically instead of wondering where all my money went, i can just look at my future furnishings and think to myself; hello pretty furniture, i am broke because of you. it is afterall a long term investment for my next topic, a new item on my craves list – a Bungalow!!! yeah that’s right, on top of a decent used car, i want a bungalow for a home. i want to be able to say this is where all my money is going – my own bungaloooo. but i guess it’s good to start with baby steps. all the furniture will not be bought in credit so technically i won’t be too much in debt once i have saved up enough for the down payment. it feels good to dream of all the material things before bed isn’t it? is there a meaning to dreaming about winning a lottery of some sort, well i think it was more of a draw than an actual lottery… (so i went out and bought myself a heart&stroke ticket – i mean it is for a good cause at the end of the day – i wish i win a car or 1/25 cash prize of $250,000 – or something). wish me luck on that one as i list some more cravings that i’ve been thinking about lately.

if i win the cash i would invest the 200K towards my bungalow, the other 50K would be invested in the following:

1.Leica Cam | 2.MiniCoops | 3. Macbook Pro | 4. trip for the loved ones to Atlantis

of course an all expense paid trip to NYC; shopping til’ i drop for a few thousands… oh to crave and dream right. maybe if i think positive enough, it will come true. but heck what are the chances… i only bought the 1 lucky ticket out of millions of entries most likely. who knows, next time i can actually blog about the hauls and updates my life has taken after being financially able to get the things that were craved for in this entry. to dream tonight of new dreams to come true in the near and distant future. until then – i’m outtie.


March Madness

20120306-233254.jpgThis week was definitely something I want to blog about. J went on a Vegas trip that started late last week, came straight to my house on Tuesday morning… just to catch me right before I left for work for some much needed hugs and kisses. Loved that to pieces, but he came home sick. Feverish, he relaxed all day. On my way home bought him some beef noodle soup (pho) on the first night, lugaw (congee) the second night, and nothing worked. I don’t remember ever having such a high temperature as he did, and for the first time I was worried. All he did for three days as his body tries to recover was sleep, eat enough food to help him ingest medicine and more sleep. I took a day off just in case his fever doesn’t go down and it was a much needed quality time. During this time I proved I can be domestic if really required, lol. Too bad he’s not always sick…hahaha!

That said, I missed out on numerous girl dates during the week. Today was really chill, talking about how things are going with our list of the stuff we’ve given up for Lent. I don’t recall ever taking Lent seriously until this year. The key take away is having discipline and support. Having a begin date and end date. With this in mind I feel I can accomplish a lot with the proper support and encouragement. I may apply this to a couple of bad habits like smoking, drinking, & budgeting. Having a group to motivate you into achieving your goals is a definite must-haves if there are certain things you want to accomplish.


vday as some say…

is the most commercial day in the world. had a date tonight with my girlfriend and we got to thinking about vday. she’s single and ready to mingle, hence being on the defense about the day. i guess it’s hard to think about valentines day seriously when you know that there isn’t anyone special in the horizon. i get it, i fully understand, because i can imagine how it would feel without a special someone. i know that coming from me it won’t sound as genuine but i can honestly say that even if i had nobody to call my own on this day, i would still feel that its my favorite day of the year. it’s pretty much like christmas for me or i mean it’s the equivalent. i feel more lonely on christmas than on valentine’s day. it’s a day to remember love, any type of love. 27 years later, & my mom still gets me valentine’s day cards…

maybe i’m just an optimist, i love reading about love, i love seeing love, even if i was heartbroken on this day i could never turn my back on each interaction others may have… wait maybe that’s borderline sadistic. if i was on my own on this day, i would sit at starbucks watching all of those on a date. imagine the magnitude of the love they have, puppylove, unrequited love, new love, old love. the posts/articles professing love, expressing from the deep within souls and all hearts alike. there’s just so much love to be shared i doubt i can diss the day when it’s pda’d all over the place. i know it’s commercial but if you dig deep, if you took a peek within the corner of your eyes you will find a couple of people genuinely expressing unconditional love… and that’s just cherry on top for me.

any other day, if i saw a lovey dovey couple i would have them condemned but it’s like watching a romantic movie, you expect it on this day and if it’s not shown truly, well then it’s like a movie you would rate at 2.5 out 5 stars. any other day i would be like *barf naman*, but it’s just different for me on valentine’s day. i could rant on about how much i love this day but it’s not going to change your mind, will it? accept it for what it is. “you’re bored because you’re being boring” or flip that frown upside down.

enough about what the day means to me… let’s dig deep into my memory and see what i can recall as something unforgettable that’s ever happened on this day. 7 years ago, J and I were fighting. i had decided to end the only great thing i’ve had in a long time. the words he said to me before midnight of vday was the most romantic set of words i’ve ever heard coming from a guy. it wasn’t your usual, i love you… it was more… he told me specifically why he loved having me in his life, he told me what i meant to him and thanked me for the blissful year. i remember him tearing up while i snicker in the dark. that was where this all began, that night when i knew he was the different kind of right. i’ve been pursued a couple of times before but i’ve never felt the security and the honesty of someones professed love out of the kindness of his heart like the way he did that night. i will never forget when he asked me to be in his life permanently as his girlfriend, partner, lover and friend. who’d ever think that the most perfect way to celebrate valentine’s day is just to stare into his eyes and hear him explain why he wants you in his life as a partner, as a better half. nothing can ever beat that…no amount of flowers or chocolates can make your heart skip a beat. safe to say until now, i’m not saying it happens all the time, but every once in a while, i can still feel my heart skipping a beat when i see him looking at me the same way he used to look at me with such conviction and unconditional love as he did that first night.

love is definitely in the air.

Last rant of the Year – FY11

every year right after christmas, i’d catch myself looking back and try to pin point the things that went right, wrong, sideways and upside down. this year it happened during a random night of meeting up with the girls at our new favorite spot ‘jacka-s’. we cheered for every bad, good, ok, moments that came to mind. of course it was before dinner, so the gulps got us tipsy quickly.

some highlights of this year for myself would be:
– surviving long distance with boyfriend
– dominican republic
– back to back social nights
– lost friends, gained new ones
– career development
– boyfriend and i verbally moving our relationship forward
– cousins getting engaged
– financially getting stable, slowly but surely

Since all of that is out of my system… Time to celebrate the upcoming year. 2012 is estimated at being my biggest year thus far. and if it was to end in 12.12.12, all i’d have to say is, i wouldn’t have had it any other way. live without regret and always look forward to the happiness, sorrow, hurt and excitement. By this time next year i vow to have gained more wisdom, wit, and humor during the dailies. i am excited to make new routines, see new places, experience and learn new things. kick off old habits and turn them into good ones. say goodbye to the old me and embrace the new me i’m about to become.

There’s nothing better than the feeling of seeing tomorrow unfold and it exceeding expectations. I’ve been known to have low expectations but still, everything has a ceiling, mine is just as short as I am, that’s all. I’ve been blessed truly, and all I have to do is thank all the way.

So here’s to a new year – cheers!

Back to Back Again.

i’m so tired right now but i still have a few things i want to take care of for work, just so that i’m not too overwhelmed tomorrow. so as i mentioned my birthday wish was to be left alone all weekend and it was granted. i didn’t check anything online, i stayed dormant on the couch catching up on shows, movies, games and more shows. but this weekend was another story. it all starts with the fact that my cousin was having an engagement party (i did forget to mention that i’m fulfilling another first and definitely not the last of being a bridesmaid :)). anyway, work was hectic on friday because we were having a panini sale at work trying to raise money for Movember helping out our three mo’s raise money for their staches. so much fun but it took over 3 hours of my working day (time well spent i should say because it was a tremendous success). on and off with J trying to figure out what we were going to be doing that night (all knowing it would be pure chillage but we were debating about the logistics).

not knowing what i was going to wear at the party, i decided to fit the following before heading out to Rian’s place for some pre-drinking. so first meet up with the girls, travel to lcbo before scavenging h&m for outfits, then eating at the urban eatery, then heading south excited to play dance central 2 on kinect. this took only 2 hours non stop. then we started drinking and dancing the game. wow that is a major workout. if you want to save money on skipping out on a trainer, play the kinect. the game is very engaging and very interactive. then we dragged our tipsy selves to raq for even more dancing and sweating. then missioned home with J after a full blown disagreement and tear. (highlight which was shortlived was the birthday shoutout i got that was very random and it felt sweet at the same time, aww these peeps love me :))

we get home and we sleep as much as we can. 5 hours later we’re getting ready to travel to a filipino restaurant for ace & laile’s engagement party. what a perfect venue for an intimate gathering for family and friends. we purposely starved ourselves so we can eat a good meal πŸ™‚ and we did. it wasn’t amazing but it was good enough for our cravings, ace’s mom could cook better but the lechon was devine!! haahah – there was a whole lot of catching up with my other cousins tina & frank, catching up with the tito’s and tita’s & of course lola. it was a beautiful day outside and it couldn’t have been any more perfect than what it was. they had a slideshow and it literally made me tear up but i forced it not to come out hahaha. i’m so excited for them, and the wonderful journey they are about to embark on. even as a cousin i felt she was perfect for him. there was something about her and i’m sure i’ve already mentioned this to both of them and i’m super glad that my cousin snatched her up. i was there throughout the initial courtship and i saw how much my cousin wanted to be with her and as i got to know her and when i tagged along on the chicago trip, i knew!! there are just some couples who have a certain positive aura about them, there’s this one thing that just fits well together. i get overjoyed everytime i talk or think about them and that’s that. Congratulations to you both!! (their story)

of course it was also pacquiao’s 3rd fight with morales, after all the back ups and finalizing what to do, we ended up seeing xtian & dauph for this special day, i think this is 3x in a row for this ppv fight with us going to sauga. anyway xtian was still running errands when we arrived in milton. talk about great foursquare checking ins for 2 hours. yes he made us wait for him 2 hours. within the 2 hours were epic though because we were able to settle what we were arguing about the night before. and of course whenever we go to an event, we always end up talking about our own set of events. there were talks about NYC in March, him going on a boys trip in april or so, and me going to texas for my cousin’s wedding. then we started talking about the picture. he’s finally got his mindset on right and have some good plans for the future. we set our 3 year plans, up to 5 years and if god’s willing, we meet our designated targets and we’re set for the next stages; having a family, our own home and all the riches we are able to handle hahaha. it was a much needed 2 hours for some counseling.

then xtian arrived, we picked up dauphe and we were set on watching the fight. word of the day “awkward, awkward” along with the awkward bobble. pacquiao won what else is new. then we ended up at a random 24 hours diner for some late night eats. we then travelled from the airport all the way back to scarborough and shortly after got some much needed power naps. we then after all the bf3’s and netflix shows, headed over to pmall for some fishballs and beefballs. then we all went home and here i am blogging about another long ass weekend. i’m exhausted and all i want to do now is curl up into j’s arms and sleep.


sweet dreams everyone.