Bits&Pieces Vol. 9

september came and went within 3 inhale and exhales..

That infamous cider festival.
Let’s go Blue Jays
Busy to do listings
Cottage-ing on Labour day weekend
Funny date at Eglinton
Another concert – Jess Glynn


Bits&Pieces Vol. 8

(speaking of reminiscing);

August was so busy. I couldn’t fit it in the structured collage set up. Which of course is always good and fun and exhausting all at the same time 🙂

  1. Lots of chillage
  2. Enough late work nights (just because)
  3. Karaoke at Christie
  4. Authentic Korean BBQ
  5. The birth of Sequence in my life
  6. Visit at the zoo
  7. Kwanstars birthday


Bits&Pieces Vol. 7

Here’s July with just a lot of randoms and highlights:

 luke was born . Lifelines 1.0 was printed . tons of random dates w/Kwan . concert at the garrison . watching my cousin at the dress rehearsal of the opening ceremony of panam games in Toronto (magical)
random snapshots all over Toronto . manbuns for days . the sisters now turned proud Lolas . words to live by
another word to live by . GaryTos wedding . Kultura event . the long and winding road on a Sunday when there’s no subway until 9 am and I didn’t give up making it to driving school

Bits&Pieces Vol. 5 & Vol.6

picture heavy.
since I have been bed ridden all week, I figured why not.

Here’s my bits&pieces for the past month or so.. and with so I mean like 2-3 months worth.

City Feels | Sony a6000

Soon-to-be 1st time parents | left on a jet plane w/jasther to London | beastmode thrills

ManBun obsessions | banging again | 5oclock somewheres

Drunken nights w/ride-0-die chicks  | walking about a | qt w/Lola

MayweatherVSpacquio | 1 month hiatus w/him | late night thrills

MudHero 2015 | M.D date | she’s also expecting this year 🙂

+ rip lola + off course there’s a saved draft of my entry about my dearest grandmother passing. but in light of that event, our whole family decided to travel with her to the Philippines as it was her request to be buried there with the love of her life, our lolo. off to the Philippines we go…


(favorite iPhone 6 captures)

our lot in tarlac and those cotton candy clouds | quick trip(s) to the farm (1 tricycle fits 6 people) |  the sister + tita corey

tito rey teaching me how to clean fish & squid | subic bay, kamayan resort Fam trip | Arayat mountain picnic and swimming

LAGUNA (hidden valley resort) | montesorri de Tarlac | floating restaurant

another random farm trip (again 6 people 1 tricycle) | those storm clouds | mr.Karabau

manila hauls | kalesa in luneta | RCS Supermarket (fave)

drunken nights | swimming w/tubigan water | this is not goodbye, C U L8R pics

I was hoping to have blogged more up to this point but there just hasn’t been much time with work being busy and the social life seriously picking up after work. there are just so many things to discover and attend offline that I totally neglect writing down my thoughts here. I hope that with these bits&pieces that I randomly do get to do, it sparkles what I remembered thinking/feeling from one picture to the next.