– i acknowledge the truthfulness of life, loving, learning and everything in between. This is everything in between… what makes me, ME!

  1. i own a pandora
  2. i laugh louder to compensate for my height
  3. i am wittier than witty
  4. i am obnoxious
  5. my boyfriend told me he loved me after 4 years
  6. i told him i loved him after 6 months
  7. but i felt his “love” within 24 hours (haven’t stopped feeling it since)
  8. i love movies – mostly independent ones (cause they’re interesting)
  9. i love watching tv
  10. most weekends i am a couch potato
  11. i go out too much
  12. i get drunk too fast when i don’t eat before drinking
  13. i buy shoes only when i need it
  14. i have small feet
  15. i have small hands
  16. but i am overweight
  17. when i want something i get a gut feeling and i lose sleep over it.
  18. if i had a million dollars, i would own:
    1. a bungalo house (designed by property brothers)
    2. a car (mini cooper)
    3. a fancy camera (Hermes Leica M9)
    4. macbook pro
    5. tablet
    6. celebrity trainer
    7. walk in closet with new wardrobes, shoes and accessories
    8. jewels
    9. a trip around the world once
    10. alexandre mcqueen scarf(s)
  19. i hardly eat vegetables
  20. i like sushi
  21. i drink coke like water (changing this)
  22. i used to drink starbucks almost everyday (but now only on special circumstances)
  23. i got my gold card @ starbucks within a month
  24. twitter is hard to keep up with
  25. tumblr just the right amount of content
  26. facebook is a little redundant
  27. everytime i visit my wordpress page, i feel like updating my layout
  28. i barely finish what i started
  29. i have a lot to be thankful for, but forget too often
  30. i have my own limits but ultimately i am waaay too patient
  32. i/m in love with Romance


> 9.12_ this list, now that i read it sounds so shallow. goal: need to sell my characteristics like i’m on a date with a stranger who wants to know me…


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