waiting for my heart

i was supposed to blog about the 3 weeks i was home alone at his place but i didn’t feel alone, not even for a second. this man’s plane is scheduled to land in 15 minutes… FRANKFURT 19:35 ON TIME. i’m boozing up, double vodka cranberry please… sure in a small cup.

i have never felt so smitten, so overjoyed. i’ve told him on text, earlier this week – that he owns my heart and it is definitely worth more than any 3 words can even amount to and my goal this year is to prove it day after day. let’s love again unconditionally, he’s earned it, he’s worth it, he’s just everything.

i’m soo distracted, i’ve been distracted all day. excited to see him again. to feel his presence to squish the eff out of him like he’s Baymax from Big Hero 6. i thought i could find all the emotions to blog all the thoughts running through my mind, but clearly – i can’t. all good. there’s always tomorrow or the day after, or the week after that.

i’ve been good busy, good vibes all around. time to chug this, disconnect and stand at the exit to welcome home the rooskie who i hope to forever call mine. susmaryoseph. hehe

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