Spaceship Coup – JT

(8 days after we “officially” started dating last year – 08.12.2018)

This new thing – unbelievable, pretty much out of this world. Let me be Lois Lane cause he’s Superman. But also his nook was/is made for me. I picture myself filling all of these shelves we built with memories and to showcase the humans we are about to become into the world and mainly into each other’s lives. Hop into my spaceship coupe, there’s only room for two… me and you. and with the top down we’ll cruise around, land and make love on the moon.

There hasn’t been anything I want to change. He’s good for me and (proven) I compliment him entirely. I get excited at the couple we could potentially become but for now, in essence of all things labels, we’re dating officially and he has given me the approval to announce it to the world (if they didn’t know already) 🤗😘😌

Let the Vadymski+Mashka Chapters begin (officially)


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