i read about this years ago in a blog. i was obsessed with those monthly photo challenges and found it somehow and been thinking about trying it since. then months later i saw the Minimalist Documentary on Netflix. i’ve been thinking about the wardrobe situation for when i stay at his place for 3 straight weeks (weekend not included) so i went and dig this info up. on another kinda related topic, the other night i watched a similar documentary that got me thinking about our obsession with excess today – Generation Wealth. this made me want to do this minimalist lifestyle even more.

as i get older i find myself being better defined. i’d like to believe that i’ve figured everything out but it’s all still being solidified. a lot of bloggers who started to simplify their life started their post with what made them do this lifestyle change in the first place. hmmm, what’s mine… let’s just say i am still craving for that comfortable routine and i realized that when you lose weight, you think about clothes less and less. i bought a wardrobe to get me started with a seasonal cycle of clothes but i found myself having key items that i would wear throughout the year so that didn’t work. i tried the trick of looking at items in my room and asking myself for each item – do i need this, does it bring me joy, what does it represent in my life and i found that everything i’ve ever purchased has brought me joy one way or another… so let’s say that didn’t work either.

the last 2-3 years i have been spring cleaning randomly throughout the year instead of taking an actual vacation. i would take all the items in my room (except for the big furniture stuff) and take them all to the living room. i would normally have 3 garbage bags full of things that i have collected over time that i didn’t need anymore. some stuff i kept has now moved to his place for easier access. this year though, i finally took a vacation so i haven’t had much chance to do another cleaning. i’ve also gotten into a shopping spree mode and now i’m back to where i started. soo…

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. on saturday, i will be picking 33 items that i will bring to his place. the rule is simple:


i wonder if i should go back to school for sociology (random thought). anyway wish me luck. out of sight, out of mind. what i have is definitely, ENOUGH.

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