dear mbp

i am lending you to jen. don’t worry she will take care of you and use you so much you will finally feel useful. this is my last post on you for the next year or possibly close to forever…

i have always wanted you, but i now have so many options outside of you. my lapachka will be installing PSP on his desktop and it is more powerful. i finally got a new laptop at work… the cloud helps to sync all of my files.

just know that getting you was a big milestone in my life and everyone that knows me or knew me, knew how special getting you was. it may sound crazy to those that reads this but i am very sentimental with materialistic things, i give importance to  items i own. the things that are in my bag, in my room, at his place, at work, all of these items although sometimes questionable are all a piece of me. the me i curated. the me that i am, the me i am about to be, that me that i am shaping myself to be or want to be in the future.

thank you for all the late nights. all the acquaintances and friendships you helped form. another chapter is closing and this is def a good thing.

ka-ar-ti-han. the end.

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