Mood: not a bad thing by JT

One day I will have it all… the kid + caring husband + (maybe) dog, filling the backyard with so much laughter and tears. It doesn’t have to have the fanciest car on the driveway or have the greatest looking house (inside or out) situated at the front. It just needs to be livable with a list of fixes that are wants but not necessarily needed. My mom playing on her phone or tablet on a hammock that is swinging.

This dream of mine I experienced in real life last Sunday at Laile & Ace’s home. It’s not completely their own, they live with Laile’s family but it tugged at my heartstrings even more when her fam emerged. Her dad had his friends over, her brother and his wife waking up from a nap and her other brother finally reaching with his own lil fam. The older brother offering anything and everything – being the hospitable man I see he is, and her lil brother being ordered to grab her bike to fix and tune. I envied in a good way, more feeling inspired and I’m glad my cousin Ace scored such a commendable woman with sass, wit, and down to earth qualities. She def carries her own! The more I interact with her the more blessed I feel to have her tied to my family… ok that’s enough I’m getting choked up with this post for many different reasons not mentioned. Let’s break out in laughter at this moment instead…

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