dear babs

helluuurrrr. goodmorning

i wrote a post for this blog last night but instead of posting that right now, i woke up early today and my brain hasn’t shut off. i have been wondering about my old blog spot []. i was going to share the info with you to get you off of my back until i get organized and post my old entries. turns out i have lost all the logins and now i’m freaking out because that platform is not allowing me to reset my password. that whole blog is password protected, FML and looks like the site is not allowing me to retrieve my site password which means i can’t edit whatever i put in there. grrr!! i have gone through all my emails, gmail-hotmail-outlook-apple and i’m trying to retrace my steps. november 2016 was the last time i accessed that site or retrieve/change my password. what would i have changed the access to at 31 hehehe. brainstorm hard.

as tech savvy/obsessed i am, i crave for the hard copy. i kill trees by printing just so i can have a tangible item to access if technologies or user-error fails. i always want a copy of peoples pics/videos just so i can have them for my own personal recall. uuugghhh i am so annoyed right now. i’m the worst at remembering passwords since it’s out of sight – out of mind. but not a lot of people print stuff any more, they rely on the cloud. i guess i just have little trust in these machines. i have meaning to print the contents of my blogs, or have a back-up of the text (i have notepads saved in my external HD for some memorable AA set ups, not even kidding hehe). but everytime i thought about mcguyvering my blogs i get lost in the posts and end up reminiscing instead.

new saying i learned from uyen: i am soooo CHEEESED. i seriously am cheeesed at myself right now. anyway, keep you posted as soon as i get this/that sorted out but for now time to get ready for work. talk to you later babs! hahahah

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