Adulting 2018

today my mom and i talked to an insurance broker. tito showed us the ins and outs of this so-called peace of mind concept and now i wallow at the thought of not continuing on this 10 years ago. i realize that i was dumb. urrgh.

as i age, i realize there are certain financial necessities we have to invest in. life insurance is definitely one of them. economy these days are so frail and job security is always uncertain. my company has just merged with yet another company and this year the minimum wage has gone up to $14. i always ponder what this means to me, what is my plan b – should i find myself not having a sustainable income at any given time in my life… part of my lull moments is pondering about all of these uncertainties. in your 30s, it definitely becomes evident that our parents are not going to be living forever and if they do, do i have the means to support them and whatever future i have myself. three hundred or so dollars later, here i am at the start of taking control of our situation. also this whole train of thought began when kstar told me about her will, does my mom have one? do i start one? i don’t have any dependants, should i still consider one (at this point). it’s always better to be prepared but where do i begin… oh maybe life insurance, i mean – who’s going to pay all those fees? where do i get that kind of money? can i even have that kind of money… gosh i’m so broke without being literally broke.

my mom has always left it up to me to do my own thing. she has always been supportive in the background, maybe not financially but in all the adult sense – roof over head, fridge full of food, laundry. i have been very selfish of those things and really the least i can do is give her a sense of security (even if she doesn’t plan on fully leaning on me financially). she’s always spoken as if she can figure out her stuff on her own and that i should only worry about myself. as an only child raised by a single mother that should really be the least of her worries. she brought me here in canada to ensure that i have a better life than those my age back home. i have really been taking advantage of this life for the last 10 years – *facepalm heavily. it was great while it lasted but now i think, it was the dumbest years of my life – wasted. i can’t see the silverlining right now so bare with me as i get my shit together (sstill).

after getting signed up for insurance, i also spoke to another Sheila who was referred by tito to get started on my potential/dream of owning my own home. she took my information for 15 minutes, another <15 minutes later i was approved for a loan. within 1 year alone i managed to save up 10K, imagine if i had been diligent at this the minute i turned 30, then i would’ve had serious dough for a down payment… but enough about the past and fast forwarding to now and what i’ve accomplished. this year is definitely going to be all about buttoning down on what else i can do to ensure security for me and my mom.

tomorrow i sign papers and anticipate some heavy financial planning to figure out next steps__

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