SUNDAY.funday 2.0

everything i publish online has to have a story. all of my finished creatives take a whole process, below for example took me all morning to conceptualize (in bed) with my phone. i set out to make a lock screen bg and i wanted to feature G’s Toronto sign picture from the amazing iPhoneX but see it didn’t really end up there did it… that’s how this sunday funday began and ended up doubling up as a me-day.

i usually don’t have much time for these things but when i do, it’s always cut short enough that lately i’ve been forced to be able to just deliver as is. i don’t second guess what i post, cause i’m trying the whole #liveoutloud mantra right now but also i used to worry about what someone reading/viewing my social media would think or react upon review but now i don’t care about that (anymore). the only thing i care about is producing moments and presenting them how i want to remember those moments. i am now my own judge, i will selfishly review what i write/post/share for my own benefit, not anyone elses. anyway enough about the process and let’s dig into that memorable sunday funday i spent all by myself with a pair of skullcandy headphones.


all the while, i contemplated about going on another first date. someone who’s much more exciting than the last one because of the back and forth banter. he just gets my quirkiness. this day’s creatives were inspired by a post by Sylvester McNutt III shared by Kstar who’s on her flight back from her Asia trip. let me give you a few minutes to read the words below but basically #selfgoals in the eyes of another. i’m prepping myself to be ready for the long haul with the right one by completing a few test runs to learn what i like and don’t like. self realization is still in effect here and i find myself hurting less and less. if i was hurting it was for different reasons not him, somewhat for the right reasons. so yey me.


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