it’s that time of the month.  & it’s that time of the year. usually i have a pattern of rebranding this site around the time i renew my domain and all i want to do is update the layout. there are a few things i want to fix before the end of the year:

  • yearlies – 2017 edition
  • about – list is outdated and shallow
  • tripcollage – hide and make banners to click on instead of viewing right away. make new collages
  • quotes – replace with something else. i can’t even find that notebook anymore where all the quotes i wanted to share creatively on a semi regular basis. also instagram took over and a lot of those i follow is already doing the job for me. i don’t want to copy & paste because the whole purpose of this was to cre.ate
  • T.DOT – my attempt of posting/categorizing my love for this city.
  • RollWorld – 2017 edition will almost be complete. i should add semi pages for years.

i also still need to be more organized in creating categories/tags. i need to revisit my little black book with all the bujo ideas i can explore for this blog, because i gave up on using my hands to stay creative, let’s keep it digital since i’m barely home and gets distracted too easily to write/draw/color.

still recalibrating. but let the execution begin.

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