write things down

Listing at its finest tonight.

  • serenade me with music
  • Oh baby, I’d rather be hard to love // Than easy to leave, you should believe me // I’ll make you need me (Listen) – Calvin Harris ft. Jessie Reyez
  • my little yellow book will be filled with bucket listing things
  • being exposed to humans who love to live and live hard. i promise now to try everything at least once. trying to fend off the fears, it’s harder than i imagined.
  • i didn’t think it was possible to be this inspired artistically.
  • being single means no limits, no judgements. enjoying every second of it, but also pondering how to fit my future 1 into my new world… the new bubble i’ve created.
  • it breaks my heart to see my mom’s eyes show disappointment, with a smile, as she waits patiently for the day she can reach next level.
  • the yearning has subsided completely. the hurt replaced with fear of the unknown. what’s left; my heart waiting for the replacement, a new norm. let the changes begin to transform. eventually. almost there.
  • time to go back to paper. overview. also need to settle on an agenda.
  • story telling at it’s finest: facebook=G rated, instagram=daily/weekly creatives, wordpress=soul
  • planning helps make things happen. be a part of the planning to fulfill voids. be here now.
  • i’ve been looking for a song and i finally found it.

let’s change the beat. let’s change directions on this journey to self-discovery. are you with me?