Testing Media files

which of these videos work on my blog?

bloopers from 10-10-17

My videos are not uploading on this site. Clearly there are media things I will have to figured out. Next level blogging here I come lol. I might as well since I do have the spare time and im finally allowing myself to freely create whenever possible. I’m planning on hobby-ing real hard this winter. It feels like a serious cold one! side-note:

Anyway…before my photowalk last Friday, this guy suggested that I should have a YouTube channel. That I am funny without even trying or knowing. I told him to come up with a concept and that I wouldn’t embarrass myself by myself, so he agreed to be a part of it. Do I dare add another outlet on the list?

Draft concept: reaction video. We watch a movie trailer and then talk about it. Pre/Post, meaning we compare what we thought the movie was gonna be vs what we thought it was gonna be based on our reaction video? It’s not a new concept, everyone is doing it now but why not accept the challenge, right?

Time to get a stronger phone if I want to entertain the idea of the hobbies I’m thinking of tackling. Blog, Insta-stories, YouTube? Flixels (free versions)…more RollWorld(ing).

More on this on another day – later days.

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