Testing Media files

which of these videos work on my blog?

bloopers from 10-10-17

My videos are not uploading on this site. Clearly there are media things I will have to figured out. Next level blogging here I come lol. I might as well since I do have the spare time and im finally allowing myself to freely create whenever possible. I’m planning on hobby-ing real hard this winter. It feels like a serious cold one! side-note:

Anyway…before my photowalk last Friday, this guy suggested that I should have a YouTube channel. That I am funny without even trying or knowing. I told him to come up with a concept and that I wouldn’t embarrass myself by myself, so he agreed to be a part of it. Do I dare add another outlet on the list?

Draft concept: reaction video. We watch a movie trailer and then talk about it. Pre/Post, meaning we compare what we thought the movie was gonna be vs what we thought it was gonna be based on our reaction video? It’s not a new concept, everyone is doing it now but why not accept the challenge, right?

Time to get a stronger phone if I want to entertain the idea of the hobbies I’m thinking of tackling. Blog, Insta-stories, YouTube? Flixels (free versions)…more RollWorld(ing).

More on this on another day – later days.


single life: photography walk

i have been meaning to bring a6000 to take some snaps of the mall before it gets too crowded with holiday shoppers. i also wanted to take pictures of the new walkway that i’m currently obsessed with. anyway i ventured to walk on my own from dundas to queen + npsquare to do some street snaps before heading home last night. _picture heavy



the deers are back.


CF Toronto Eaton Centre


that new walkway to hudson bay.


the apple store with just geniuses.


toronto's old city hall.





the tree is not lit up yet.


if i wasn't alone.


the new structure from outside.


HB's infamous display windows.


snow globe feels;


holidays are just around the corner.

*side note this was the most frustrating post i have ever done on WP.
note to self, visual on editor is not the same as preview. uurggh.
must i really start writing codes… double urrgghh.