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I’m sick...I suffer from a terminal disease called Life, caused by a highly contagious virus referred to as “Aliveness.” I don’t know how I got it. Maybe a poem or song, a sunset or a photograph, a hand, a kiss, a promise of more life… It’s dangerous to trust your heart & feel things deeply.
And suddenly I was infected. Fell ill with passion. And all my previous food would taste like plastic. And I would wonder where was I before today?
The cosmic doctors can’t tell me how long. Maybe a month. 10 years, 19 days, 1 hour, 20 minutes, 13 seconds… .
I’m stuck in the uncertainty between my illness & my cure, between regrets about the past & fear of the future, between the tragedy of just surviving & the ecstasy of being alive, never arriving home yet never leaving it, afraid of darkness, and even more afraid of light.
There is no cure though. Tried it all. Until I ran out of excuses. Unplugged my life support, and learned of this new miracle called Breath & of this perfect time called Now, and that my only place of power is Here, in my chest – and that somehow this leads to Everyone & Everywhere & Always.
And realized the only truth I know for sure is Action, the only calibration is intensity, my only real investment is an open heart.
At this advanced point in my illness, without any promises that I’ll even make it through the night, resigned to being just another brief dot of infinity, my question is no longer: How much time do I have? or How much money can I make? or How many people can I reach or love me back?
Now all my worries blend into just one: How much more life can I create out of this Now?
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