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U SUCK! Just kidding cause how can I say that if I don’t even take you seriously. But let’s say it’s officially something I can blog about. Considering the mini lunch app checking sessions I’ve been doing in the past couple of months.

Last Friday my mom told me she has a stalker at work. She has been receiving cake dedications and she’s requested for the store managers for their cooperation to help stop this randomness. The day before she got a cake that her team ate that said ‘have a good day’. MY MOM! seriously… if I were to be at her age and still getting catcalled/picked up I would be ecstatic (naaah, I would think it’s weird too). IF i were to imagine myself at her age and still getting compliments, why the fuck not hahaha. While I’m here single-by-choice, being lame and dorky on these dating apps and scared shitless to meet strangers – she’s out there getting cake andnot eating it just in case it’s poisoned lmao! So yeah CMB/Tinder you suck.

At the same time last week on Tinder, I mustered up enough courage to message a couple guys ‘first’ after a “match” (sidenote: 1/3 RR). The one that did respond has deemed himself to be super lame-ass. He literally doesn’t deserve to be talked about but… listen. i have to admit,  I myself started off lame-ass in msgs, buuuuut just to make it interesting I bluntly offered for him to be my first Tinder date (eventually). Of course, he didn’t take the bait. TBH I could’ve told this guy to come over to my place for a quick bang and he probably woulda beat around the bush and indirectly decline (bwahahah-sadface). Clearly an idiot. I didn’t block him just so I know to ignore him for Life!

CMB on the other hand, too much of a waiting game to be able to match with people. Dear App Developers, do you send my profile to those that I actually like? I know I don’t give you that many options… or do you just make people randomly wait for 5+ matches to suggest someone who actually likes them back? But then I sit and contemplate maybe my RR is super low on this site… in which case, thanks then for ruining my self-esteem. When I first joined this app I found my potential forever one but at that time I was not in the mindset to consider dating. Ever since that chat expired, I vowed never to lose an opportunity again. I have this ‘pontential’ criteria where I picture us dating down the road and my hopeless romantic self has seen us meeting up for the first time only to end up with that forever feels. Bwahahhaha. Not at all impossible, just unrealistic. Someone shoot my brain right now, it’s listening to my heart tooo much.

Anyway, I’m leaving that rant as that …for now.

I have my first official Tinder meet up this Wednesday with a Brazilian (which will be my first time to entertain the idea of dating a non-Filipino). But more on that after the fact (if it happens). I’m kinda plotting my exit strategy, thinking of just running away and act like that whole conversation/idea never happened.

Halloween is coming, Bornday is fast approaching, I’m possibly babysitting by myself for Best’s bday and I’m finally getting to try a 4DX movie tomorrow. Other than today I am booked solid for 2 weeks. Why offer myself to this quote unquote dating thing when I have absolutely 0 capacity for a love life! End of chapter.

sidenote: Let’s find out who my true friends are on Facebook now that I took out my birthdate… mwahahahaha. now back to my korean show 1% of something 🙂



#workfam Dedication

My heart: seriously overjoyed.

I know it hasn’t been perfect, for all of us, situationally… but right now i am so happy that i got to see the crew together tonight. My heart melts at these get togethers and honestly, if only they knew how much I needed this… oh man I’m crying (well choked up because I’m still in the subway ride home and can’t officially shed tears). as soon as I get to my bus stop the tears will definitely flow…

I’m definitely drunk enough to get this off my chest. Love is a blanket statement that can describe my feelings towards these peeps, originally #workfam turned into the ~ #crew.

They have seen me at my stupid worst, my adult worst, my all around worst and are still able to sing me praises. They build up my self worth (awareness) _even if i don’t listen to understand – in different ways but equally important. I have felt their sincerity in extending a helping hand when needed. I feel truly blessed to be associated with such strong individuals that have been pivotal enough in my growth as a person. I crave for moments like these because they are special and dear to my heart, maybe not measurable equally but together just as much, no matter which way I look at it. It’s official, they get a piece of my heart and a whole (couple of) month[s] without has been noticeably different.

As we all embark on different paths, I just want to dedicate a piece of my blog to our INFAMOUS hashtag crew. Some may not have the same sentiments but right now all I want is for the universe to know how special each of these people are individually and collectively in my life. Down the road, in the near and distant future, together or apart, I will forever remember… US being US.

Thank you for all that you represent and stand for.

Thank you for living ‘life’ and sharing different ways of adulting.

Thank you for all the lessons and experiences. I shall carry those memories with me for life.

Shoutout to KSTAR cause without you this wouldn’t have been what it has become.

Forever grateful,

ps. i love you – just kidding – but seriously consider:
Think about the people in your life over the years. Whether they were there for a reason, a season or a lifetime, accept them and treasure them for however long they were meant to be part of your life.

And when they are gone, be thankful for the gifts you received from them when they were here—for a reason, a season or a lifetime.