c r e . a t e

I’ve always wanted to be able to portray my story manga-style. Created this with the Prisma app.

I have untapped a river of creativity inside of me and lately in my spare time in between subway rides or before sleeping I indulge myself in apps that unleashes the visions I keep buried only in my imagination.

I fill my heart with creations to cover up the void of being single. If only I can use this much effort in finding the next love of my life hahaha, but I’m too lazy to entertain. I’m overwhelmed with ALL of it. Can it just naturally happen without trying?  I keep telling myself I’m not ready mainly because I haven’t had a chance to learn my true self but it’s nothing practice dates can’t help improve. 

I overthink and I just need to start taking risks. Winter is coming and i have a feeling it’s going to be a lonely one …

Later days.

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