…but what if my heart stopped beating.


c r e . a t e

I’ve always wanted to be able to portray my story manga-style. Created this with the Prisma app.

I have untapped a river of creativity inside of me and lately in my spare time in between subway rides or before sleeping I indulge myself in apps that unleashes the visions I keep buried only in my imagination.

I fill my heart with creations to cover up the void of being single. If only I can use this much effort in finding the next love of my life hahaha, but I’m too lazy to entertain. I’m overwhelmed with ALL of it. Can it just naturally happen without trying?  I keep telling myself I’m not ready mainly because I haven’t had a chance to learn my true self but it’s nothing practice dates can’t help improve. 

I overthink and I just need to start taking risks. Winter is coming and i have a feeling it’s going to be a lonely one …

Later days.

Summer 2017

let’s keep this post positive. this summer has by far been the most memorable yet. i feel truly blessed right now reminiscing all the adventures, now that summer has come to an end.

this is how adulting put on hold looks like >>>

  1. Long driving to Blue Mountain + detour to Bruce with Nanay
  2. Random baby fixes with Jaslyn
  3. Multiple Tuesdates with Babs
  4. Bike rides w/RN and Toronto Cruisers
  5. Going to a concert by myself (UDD)
  6. Getting my heart broken into pieces
  7. CrewNights in between
  8. Day drunking at Pride
  9. Camping/Famthings in Cobourgh
  10. Summer isn’t summer unless you go to a Blue Jays game
  11. Salsa on St. Clair memories
  12. Late nights at work
  13. Nightowl adventures
  14. Summerlicious
  15. That first squishy adventure
  16. ColdTea on a Sunday (unforgettable)
  17. Morning coffees, Thursday Oysters, Wing Nights @ Sharks
  18. More bike adventures after blue steal breaks twice
  19. RollWorld
  20. Afternoon walk by Madison + the sleepovers drunk/sober
  21. SocaNight hangover (phone screen shattered) followed by Raq danceoffs
  22. Riding to Woodbine beach with Nanay
  23. Sunset at Tommy Thompson with the boys who ride
  24. Kultura
  25. Niagara trip with the NEDCS team
  26. Solar Eclipse, HipHop night at parkdale, GoKart
  28. GirlsNight.DateNight with the Bestie
  30. Late night adventures with Babs
  31. Karaoke Night, Rosewater, Lavalle
  32. the unmentionable PEACOKBAR trip
  33. CNE feels
  34. Talking to many moons

after all of that of course i was bound to get sick. immune system got to an all time low and i caught the bug. would i do it all over again, absolutely. i wish time slowed down but it didn’t, it just kept going faster and faster. time to slow down, there is always tomorrow or next year. haha 😦