Catching Up @ 32

it’s practically a month into my 30s (for the second time) and it has already been a whirlwind so far. it was a catch up month and it appears i can actually make a list out of contemplating this, so here it goes:

  • catch up with self: routine making plans, blogging plans, goal updates, reflection, realization and tons of revelations but of course i didn’t do that alone…
  • catch up with the crew: 2 days after my birthday we got white-girl wasted (yes on a thursday). did a recollection of where everyone is in life, love, and career. first hangover of my 32nd year came shortly after getting home at 4 in the morning and still making it to work the next day.
  • catch up with the girls: individually and collectively just to keep each other updated and sane. spending QT with them is a mandatory thing. our weekly dates have slipped completely this year due to individual circumstances but i think about them constantly,  in between meet-ups and catch ups. they are a big chunk of my adult life and i don’t know how to live without them. #lifelines
  • catch up with the salvador sisters: got my fix last saturday and we’re planning another meet up this saturday because it dawned on me, the eldest ‘salvador’ kid is 11 years old and my long lost goal was to treat them to a movie and in a blink of an eye these kids will be highschool and will be too cool for their tita/ninang. they are easy to please and doing at least the yearly seasonal visits help my presence in their lives fresh.
  • catch up with the crew (individually): i feel like there’s a certain connection with each one of these special peeps and i think i will make a habit of this moving forward… online or offline, you know how we older millenials do.

it’s essentially up to ourselves to make time for these simple pleasures. these are my favorite people outside my family and i crave the joy i feel when they let me into their daily lives even just for a little while. these ones specifically listed can melt my heart with just a smile from a silly comment i make.

i do have a few more connections at work that will remain work friends for now because i am quickly learning that there is a thing called ‘spreading yourself thin’. i like to give genuine time but since people often feel comfortable with me, it’s not hard to make these connections and leads to more rapport and next thing you know catching up with me time has lost priority. and that is something i really want to focus on for my 32nd year of life. time to rediscover me, even if i only have enough time for a catch up – once a week, at least once a month or even a season is more than enough.

let me be your reason, season, but from the looks of it… we are on lifetime status.

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