dear wordpress

i am currently at 20 drafts and i can’t seem to focus on publishing my posts as-is. this blog is just a personal blog that highlights my path to self discovery. it’s a way for me to stop time, internalize what’s happening in my world, and voice out (through my fingers) how i want to remember this life.

i love reading my own train of thoughts. it always feels like i’m rediscovering myself. but ever since i moved over to wordpress, i’ve felt the pressure of making my site as appealing as those that have made a career out of blogging.

i just want an outlet for my mild creativity. i need to make a habit out of writing creatively and sticking to a blogging routine. uggh, routines. one month to go before the new year and the clock is ticking faster. honing down on a few key tasks that will make me feel more productive with my dailies/monthlies/yearlies.

let’s take it one step at a time though, version 32 will be my best yet.

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