100 km/h


it finally happened- i legit went on my first *real* highway experience (accidentally) last saturday. it was nerveracking, excelarating, and palm sweating all the same time. i did pretty well and i was proud that my mom did not panic. she was very calm and collected as i revved up the gas and she coaches me to merge and keep at a fast pace. it only lasted about 10 minutes but i’ll never forget it.

i didn’t manuver much. hahah

later on the way home from cabbagetown, my mom agreed that i can and should get on another one… DVP — officially my second. i found it a bit harder to keep the speed because i found myself slowing down that winding road but i still did it and we got home safe and sound. now all i gotta do is practice. practice. & buy a car.

next summer long driving is definitely appearing to be doable (G). super ecstatic!

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