MacBook Pro

i caved in. i finally took the leap and put myself in debt for an item i have been talking about for-ever and day. i am officially a proud owner of a MacBook Pro.

last week, i took a staycation. i took the time to get some financial things finalized, booked a spa trip for me and my mom, spent adventure times with the chosen few and fit in a day or two catching up on tv shows/movies/sleep.

during that pricey spa trip with my mom, her phone wouldn’t turn on. she has been complaining about the battery and i knew it’s time to retire her 4 year old phone. this past year, she managed to get by. i bought her an external battery charger/pack and taught her how to have barely anything running in the background. i also made sure the iOs was updated (when required). that routine worked for a good year but then eventually that pack just fried the battery because it was a third party charger. we all know how that never helps in the long run with these very exclusive apple products (pfft).

i convinced her that she should disconnect for a couple of days. she enjoyably agreed but i knew that as soon as we’re done the trip, i would need to get her a new device. but of course with a new device, i need to back-up+back-up+back-up. ultimately i needed iTunes and i couldn’t do that on my work laptop. it’s been a little over a year without a personal laptop (because PC batteries never last and they eventually just die). i have kept all old memory boards and eventually i will figure out a way to get those backed up properly… eventually.

anyway, as soon as we got home – i did a manual upload of all her apps, gave her access to my spotify and added all her contacts 1-by-1. i also uploaded the few pictures we took on my iPhone from our trip. after that i knew it was time to order the Pro. it came 2 days early and just like that here i am. any acquired laptops, a story is born and i have to blog and test out the keyboard. that is how it all began, of course. another one for the books with my devices and now i shall live frugally for the rest of the year.

with any new device comes the set ups. as much as i love save password prompts, because i am the most forgetful person, starting over on a new device always results in changing every important gmail/hotmail/itunes passwords i have ever had. then down the road – instagram/tumblr/linkedin. time to begin a cheat sheet for the growing list of sites/apps that requires passwords. in a way, i like that for most apps – you can opt in to sign up by using Facebook log-ins. at least that i have memorized, same with wordpress.

i’m sitting at 500+ words for this post, time to get back to work and start clicking all the “Forgot Password” links for what i need to get ‘Family Sharing’ set up. aja aja fighting*



command = ctrl
To forward-delete, hold down the fn key and press delete.

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