Budgeting Today

Good news first, I am guaranteed 5k in savings.

Just finished a very reasonable budget for the rest of the year that I can actually follow and I’m going to try the doing the cash thing. I set markers for when I am to check in on how I am holding up against budget, should be fun! My mind is still going in circles trying to find a way for me to hit my original 10k plan, and if I were to cut two lines next year, I could be saving at 1400 in change on top of the budgeted allowance.

It’s scary to think about emergency funds.

Budgeting for everything is so hard.

If I had continued with the RRSP I had started when I was 19 – I would’ve had 13K saved up already (🏡). If i didn’t go to Pinas and didn’t buy furnitures last year, I would’ve had another 10K… This year would’ve been comfortable with minimal contribution and I would’ve had 30@32.

But a long conversation I had with M today made me reconsider the house dream. More on that tomorrow cause I’m falling asleep and all I can think about is how I can leverage my mom’s good (enough) credit rating. Night self!

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