This is my absolute favorite picture of us, of all time. I’m thinking of blowing this up & hanging it in my room. 

When I think of us, I think of the glitter we managed to hide behind. Yeah that’s right it was never glamorous to be ourselves but we did well enough to fool all of those around us that we were nothing but! Haha. Nowadays though it hasn’t been as easy to hide the imperfections in our separate lives. We are all grown up and there’s nothing we can do to change that. 

Who would’ve thought things would get this hard though. Adults definitely make it look too easy. How did we manage to go through our 20s only to see ourselves in limbo in our 30s? 

I say let’s take life one step at a time but most definitely in strides. This entry was drafted over a month ago and since then things have definitely turned upside-down and inside-out. Lots of sacrifices and numerous amounts of bitcherations. 

Anyway, there’s no way around this but through. Oh & I’m off to London..

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