end of summer 2015

 the golden-lion tamarin is my new favorite animal and in 4 days it will be september. all i can think about right now is…

  • i didn’t do so well on here. i did however figure out that i could potentially get web-only friends. there are tons of people making money off of blogging and some are renowned gurus (when did this become a thing).
  • i haven’t kept up with my Q&A book. i have 3 months worth or possibly more. i could definitely use a whole weekend away from the TV trying to finish that up.
  • my blog is surprisingly ?negative?. i think; i don’t always gear towards the positive side and right now it’s even harder in my 30’s. i should engage once in a while to beef myself up (emotionally). i just find it more interesting, i guess and i’m all for the dramatics.
  • i’m going to London, UK. i’m going to London, UK. i’m going to London, UK. i have to keep reminding myself so that i budget properly for the wonderful trip ahead.
  • re-branding. re-branding. re-branding (who am i, what am i known for, what do I want to be known for, do i want to step my game up to get online friends – do i have time to have online friends when i can barely keep up with the ones close-by?)
  • pictures.back-ups.more pictures or Naaahhh!

didn’t go too far with venting this time because i’m half-assing this list. i had a good idea when i started with how many days left in september but my brain has fell asleep and then I distracted by new fave animal golden-lion tamarin


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