Learning Curve

i just can’t seem to learn. dear self, stop getting distracted. time to button up. get things done! remember how accomplishment feels when the listed to-do is done.

i currently have so many things i gotta do to get back on track and even just a simple thing like laundry is being procrastinated. haha. but in all seriousness, i need to get a routine started. i started getting organized earlier this year starting with work. but the simple task of having a spreadsheet of things to get back on track is now 6 months behind. i catch myself thinking where do i begin. it starts right here right now. tonight…

today i caught myself drowning but i stayed afloat. i checked in yesterday and got a few things checked but of course other things came up today that just screwed my lead back to 0. but of course i always see the positive. the positive is that i was able to get all the required tasks out of the way to deal with the new things that needed my attention. then there are those annoying endless flagged emails that needs to be followed up on and so here i go. i SHALL start there. right?

does it ever get easier in this day and age to stop being distracted? to stop procrastinating when it’s the easiest to do. it’s gotten me motivated to get things going because i catch my mom taking a step back. i wouldn’t say she’s giving up but i think she’s given up with keeping up in the household and i feel the need now to step it the eff up. haha k obviously i don’t blame her but note to self start inside out, i vow that by this time next week (i will set a reminder) that i have had an improvement and that i finally have done enough to get back to where i need to be with work, personals, finances, and home stuff.

oh dear goodness gracious help me. here we go —


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