thinking currently

so this is my first post with the work laptop. I just finished launching a study, and i think i can go ahead and go offline. i don’t know how else to call this post other than “thinking currently. since i got this laptop i started pondering about a few things that was worth mentioning for look-backsies. i know not a word, but if you have read my posts in the past, this blog is simply used for personal shenanigans and it’s used to reminisce.

(hey future self, here’s your train of thought however long ago…do the math)

since i got this laptop a few days ago, i started thinking about getting a laptop bag. yesterday i missioned (sidenote: wow “missioned” is not a word – opens word and looks for – nope that’s a fail but at least word doesn’t apply the squiggly line uggh ok that’s enough) 3 marshall’s/winners stores to find a reasonably priced work/laptop bag. the only bag that i found are those herschel bags but it was in funky colors, and of course it’s a polyester material. so i thought twice about it. then i dwelled (why does dwelled have a squiggly line..uggh) on it and of course i didn’t end up buying it cause i wasn’t convinced. i know i want to be a bit grown up in the things that i buy moving forward (i am 30 afterall). but all the decent satchels and such are so expensive that i get to thinking, do i really need one anyway? i asked a few of my coworkers and they seem to like having a backpack to carry their laptops in to and from work because laptop bags don’t fit anything else but the essentials and it gets heavy on one shoulder. so a bag isn’t really necessary. but then i want to look cute. oh first world problems, how do i escape thee… but you know what it’s all i’m thinking about right now so yeah!¬†then my wonderful bananaH mentioned the quality of herschel isn’t worth the money, so i went on etsy & amazon and they carry reasonably priced bags, which just means i have a lot to think about.

then i realized i went through the same thought process with my camera bag and up to this day i’m still bagless or case-less i should say. this is just to show how shallow my life is right?!? but i quickly learned that it’s something to be proud of. to be able to stop myself and really think about the things that i buy. i’m proud to be cost conscious and material conscious now (as much as i can of course it’s not always the case). yes that’s how it is in your 30s, those material things that i own through compulsive buying is no longer my thing and i’m sticking to that. if i can’t justify it, i don’t go home with it.

just like my personal future laptop, to Mac-it or not to Mac-it, that is the question. i can’t justify getting the cheapest when i know i want certain specs – like retna display and lots of RAM so it loads quick? lol whatever, i’m over it for another 6 months when i get tired of this laptop and i get irritated at how slow it is.

& then another thing lurking around is the payment for our Philippines trip. i owe my aunt loads of money because she put all of us under her cards and now we have to pay her back. i also don’t like owing people (especially family) so i gotta make due. someone mentioned put it on my card, well that’s not an option because i don’t really have one. i have one but it’s just a secured card that only carries a load of 1k and i definitely owe more than that. that trip was expensive but i know i can get through this. time to really cut back, a lot back. but then on the upside, i can taste the debt free-ness. in 2016 i will practically be debt-free. i could’ve been debt-free this year but life happens. up next on my grown up list, my house or something like it. september will feel like i’m going back to school – i’m going to talk to specialists to see what i can do to cross this seriously off my list. there are options and i just need to know what i am eligible for.

i think that was long enough for now – now it’s off to making a to-do list:

  • finish driving in-class assignments & book in-car lessons
  • organize room, inbox, external harddrives, one drives or google drives to share pictures online, maybe? tbc.
  • my living room is getting out of control. time to think about how to fengshui it for the upcoming hibernation season ‘winter’.
  • plan financials for the rest of the year accordingly & figure out how to pay yourself first. back to the building blocks savings are all out of the window at this point. for a while actually.
  • re-calibrate: this is the first year of my 30s and my mindset isn’t fully in it. i need to commit to my personal commitments.

in closing that’s all i can think about currently. that was a mouthful but at least i got it written. until next bits&pieces. xoxo

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