A Tribute for Lola

June 3 2015 // 7:30 pm – I wrote this to recite at her viewing:

Read diary. But I won’t do that, I will save those words only for her to read.

after Ange told me yesterday that each cousin needs to say something up here, I got to thinking. Would she have known how I really felt about her? Would she know that deep in my heart, despite our everyday or our once months, would she know how much I loved her and how much she really meant in my life? I don’t think so. But I’m sure we had moments of shared glances, shared squeezes of arms, shared hugs and kisses. I stand here today Really hoping that was enough.

Everytime she looked at me I felt beautiful. I really did despite the fact that she referenced me as fat in Tagalog “mataba” she would say. She made me feel myself. I have learned her smiles, and giggles and our shared hate for vegetables. That’s all the things I take with me moving forward all of that and so much more.

Thanks Lola for raising the greatest mom. She’s everything I wanted and so much more like seriously.

Oh and one more thing. Thanks to all of my titos and titas here and my mom for taking care of her day in day out. I know for certain she wouldn’t have lived such a long and peaceful life here in Canada without everyone’s genuine and loving care.

In loving memory of you Lola Chh chhh chhh –

Thanks everyone for coming!

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