Upcoming Project: Operation Organize Back-up of Lacie

a couple of weeks ago, I found myself tasked with creating a photobook for my girls. I gave them coupons for Christmas last year with the option of opting in to having me design and create it. almost 6 months later, they both asked me to go ahead and create/print.

this type of task often makes me realize how unorganized I am when it comes to the stuff in my room, and the stuff in my digitals. I take tons of pictures and try to save all and any because I feel that one day there could be a use for that specific photo or even items in my room. I do have, or I should say “did have” a routine. UPLOAD TO LACIE > SAVE AS YEAR, THEN RENAME AS EVENT > ADD DATE > and then once a year back-up to mr.Seagate. repeat.

but everytime I have the urge to reminisce or even come close to organizing the random folders or cleaning out the dups from Lacie, I find myself looking for photos in betweens, the session that I know for a fact happened that isn’t shown within an event, or have been saved within a folder of a folder. grrr. yes, after 3-4 hours of looking (not carefully) with a vengeance …I give up and recalculate/recalibrate the task and/or start over. talk myself into -I really don’t need those pictures. I can pretend I am one of those people who don’t take too many pictured.

the annoying thing is I remember the event. I remember the pictures it would’ve held, what it would’ve revealed.

Then I buy a new camera, then I stop uploading pictures, then I forget to even upload the most recents due to laziness. I have the ideas, I just need the time to execute and continue to implement.

honestly it just annoys the heck out of me, when things I’m looking for is missing in the files.
get it together Sheila!

& then Lacie starts acting up because out of the 3 USB ports that this laptop currently being used, only 1 actually works and to organize my external/internal hardrives involves having at least 2-3 ports – sigh. stop thinking about that new MacBook. you have other things that takes priority, like paying back your aunt’s utang just to go to the Philippines. Lacie better work eventually – I need BU for my BU.

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