Self Assessment – 2015

Last Saturday I attended my company holiday party. Due to having too many employees taking vacations in December, we always have it in January. This year though, I found myself out of luck with the selections in my closet because the theme this year is James Bond 007… And not to mention I gained another 5lbs which is really unaccounted for in the many un-purged items in that closet (insert virtual sigh here).

Needless to say, I set my eye on wearing this nice top I bought my mom from WHBM a while back. So last minute I searched for dress pants (seriously?!? I don’t have dress pants because I work at an office that has no dress code requirement). Working on top of the mall helped but Again, out of luck (caught myself practically saying I hate shopping, but let’s be honest – it’s fun if you have no agenda of finding anything you need)… Seriously note to self – which is why I’m taking the time to blog about the things I should start considering for decent personal fashion sense, that’s right just a little bit of sense,in hopes that later on when I re-read this I will remember to head towards the right direction. Thank goodness I am photogenic, otherwise I’m a lost cause.

Selfies @ the Party

can someone tell me why I have so many items that I buy individually, thinking it would totally be workable with other pieces but absolutely does not? from now on no more buying clothes until I do a real purge and determine what is wearable and what’s not. Still in search of proper dress pants though, and of course, lose effin weight. But even then, my wardrobe choices really needs to change. I need to consult heavily with a personal style assistant like (Jane) or seriously Google: Style for short pudgy petite with big assets that she doesn’t want to ever flaunt. When or if I do figure this “STYLE” thing out, you know it will definitely show on a blog post.

Just because you don’t wear heels and don’t dress up as much doesn’t mean that every once in a while you can’t wear stilettos. That’s a statement my girlfriends tell/mostly prove to me all the time. I caught myself wishing I invested in a couple of real heels instead of just kitten heels. I wish I can force myself to learn how to walk in pretty shoes high enough to give me height. Even just plain black ones…

I’m good with accessories though. I have a few pieces that goes with everything so I’m good in that department. The only complaint I have is – why wear earrings if my long ass hair is down and no one will see it anyway. Why are necklaces so picky depending on what you wear. Why do I always forget to wear accessories, oh right because I’m always late. I love accessories cause it finishes up the full outfit, but since outfits are an issue for me initially, inhaven’t been able to pull this off much.

Yes on the daily I only do foundation and fix up my eyebrows to make them look like eyebrows & Mac’s prep+prime. Yes I value sleeping another 30 minutes instead of getting dolled up. But as my guru (Lyne) says its just practice.practice.practice ( ok Teh, giggle away, hi =] )

Today I invested money on proper eyeliner/s & eyeshadows. Money well spent? No not really because I know I will still choose sleep over putting eyeshadows, and I only really apply eyeliners when I’m going out at night. But I have to start somewhere, I have to start changing my routine at least a couple times during the week and try to want to look well put together more often than not.


Come to think of it, how the heck does J still manage to choose to stay with me considering all that I just confessed – clearly proving that I’ve let go. But is it really letting go if I’ve never prioritized my looks since the very beginning anyway??! Gotta start somehow, someway, so that when I get married and start having kids, I don’t completely become a Manang. So I guess until I have all of the above sorted out, for now I just need to keep overcompensating with my personality lol.

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