Preach to self.

2 years ago, i blogged about getting a new couch & getting a new bed. well today i found a picture of the couch i was eyeing then on my old phone pix and realized that i had recently purchased the exact same one without fully realizing it. obviously i had my mind set on the style and colour but while i was searching last month and finally deciding to let go of the money, it was the ONE. i guess now i can say it’s the exact same one i wanted 2 years ago.

this week i am paying the remaining balance on my bed and this should be set to be delivered before christmas. now i ponder on what’s next. of course i know what’s next – a brand new place. that’s the next level and i know i can do it. since my partying days are dying down, debt numbers decreasing, credit score increasing – i think i’m in a good place. this may take another couple of years at most but that’s my goal and i’m glad i can count on myself to pull through.

i’m just in awe at how “grown up” i’m becoming so fast hahaha. i love the way i’ve started my tercera decada, with a big couch and new comfy bed. yey for saving and yey for making shit happen! *pats self in the back*


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