Bits&Pieces Vol. 2



this day is definitely one for the books. no need to go into detail much about it because it is now part of the past that needs to be left behind and never look back upon – in detail haha. our smiles, dexter, 1000, the cute stickers & the paradox of time. there’s also a bird there that i bought my best friend on that day just as a reminder for her that she needs to spread her wings and fly. it has been a year of discoveries and uncertainties but what comes after this day will surely only look more colourful than the last *i hope.


  • then there’s the elevator selfie
  • making hearts out of store receipts, due to momentary boredom
  • of course another selfie but with a fake snow ball this time
  • picture perfect with the ladies for jen’s bday
  • finally a chance to eat at the Old Spaghetti Factory – first & last, wasn’t impressed
  • then i reached 4096 from the game 2048! next goal 8192…eek.


phew what a handful. doing bits&pieces makes me feel happy that i have little things to pin point and talk about. i’m finally realizing how easy it is to have #100happydays… for simple people like me. really looking forward to 365happydays next year – pictureaday with the iPhone6.



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