Couch Reminiscing


yes, I live with my mom. With that said, our couch (picture shown above) has been in use since I was in Grade 8. That is approximately 17 years.

This couch has served long days of binge watching shows after shows, premiered A LOT of movies, hosted countless house parties, witnessed all the heartbreaks, tears and laughter. It was the nook, my nook, so much so I barely used my actual bed. It has served its purpose on so many levels that I am definitely feeling saddened and deeply changed by its removal. It has been long overdue, I have tried getting my mom to make new covers after covers, but the springs were out, the cushions were ripped and it was a big dustball. I knew it was unsalvageable when I realized I wanted a new bed because my nook is hurting my back, lol.

It was my choice to take the plunge. I saved a few pennies this year and decided I wanted something materialistic to remind me everyday that I can do what I set my mind to do. Something big enough that I can’t miss. I don’t need it to push me but simply make me optimistic for the future.

I’ve come to know now with being older, that there is a difference in the sentiment you feel when you are able to accomplish the most simplest of things. This was one of them for me. It was something I have been pondering and it was time to set it to motion. Trust me it’s not the only thing on the agenda but it is something to start with and check off the list.


I have been privileged enough to have a roof over my head, food in my stomach, and some basic luxuries. It’s really time to grow up and take some ownership as a grown up here at home with my mom. I can be a kid at heart, but have the grown up things to play with right?!

I just wanted to properly bid my old couch farewell. We’ve had some fond moments together that I can never have with the new couch cause right now it’s new and my butt has not broken it in yet. Thanks for being my nook, so that I can sleep soundly while my mom leaves me at night because she has night shifts. I will forever miss that snug you always manage to give without trying (because you’re worn out).

Omg – that’s so sad, instead of bragging, I went on and on about my feelings on a couch. Note to self: on the next post write about the effects of being too involved with material things. Yes you’re a mild-ish hoarder but this is too much.

Picture above shows before & after. Next thing to pull off …a grown up bed

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