It’s my first BITS & PIECES post, so I’m a little excited.

  • aww a friend of mine is going through such dark times and I just wanted to give her a piece of my peace. she is a strong woman and i know she’ll pull through.
  • that’s the couch I semi-officially want to buy (semi because i haven’t purchased it yet). I am excited to see and test it in person.
  • i am absolutely in love with the F2 filter on the VSCOcam. currently obsessing with photo editing apps, currently obsessed with Phonto now too.
  • yes i found a bear at Winners on the weekend and it was as tall as me.
  • thinking of changing that banner already since i found Phonto afer creating it (next year nalang siguro). i used Rhonda to create it because i loved that glittery amphersand, but I just can`t resist the possibilities from Phonto’s fonts!
  • called rogers to finally cancel my no-longer-free TMN subscription, while i was on hold… i looked through my reward points and how to redeem stuff and i found a few rewards that are worth getting.
  • MUJI opened near eatons centre at the atrium, and i feel it couldn’t have come at a better time because i need more ideas for organization in my room. yep total makeover is still ongoing. imma go for simply organized rather than the minimalist route. i figured since i am super bad at purging… i could just have things set in an organized manner rather than my usual organized chaos ways (more on this in future posts i’m sure)
  • of course my silly girls on GNO last friday, could not resist not reposting this in every social media outlet because they are too cute in this pic.

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