tercera década

based on this website: Stages of Life, i recently ended my early adulthood.

Third Decade (age 20 to 29) – Early adulthood. We feel independent. We try to find a comfortable niche within society with our first real job and our own partner and family. Fourth Decade (age 30 to 39) – The prime of life. We have figured out how the world works. We think that we know what we want. We raise our children, and we plan for our future.

i wanted to take a moment to really reflect on the past 9 years. #noregrets

this is hard to do in words, so i’m just going to start with saying… i was lucky. at least i have felt lucky to have had such fond memories, to have such amazing company throughout. i had an abundance amount of joy, laughter, experience and tears. most of all i was fortunate enough to have received love and be IN LOVE. that was always important to me.

memory lane would show: i fell in love and remained in love with the same guy. i found a nook, a good and much-needed nook with the girls and i wouldn’t have wished it any other way (#lifelines). i made mistakes, and are still making them each day but realized as this point it’s a choice. i was surrounded by people who have stuck around and i’ve learned that it’s important to have a healthy social life. memories with these individuals are definitely on the books for me. the good times remembered or half remembered boozing. the simple things that i found interesting to snap a picture of. the endless selfies because i mostly look cute from the neck and up (yep my money maker is definitely my face).

all in all it was a great third decade. i wish i had taken on more of a responsibility for the latter but life got in the way. i was super lucky to have a mother that understood the importance of living my life like there was no tomorrow. thanks Nay for the love and support with little to no judgement. but there always was a tomorrow thankfully, and all the bad habits are stuck with me now. in the next decade, i will surely take it down a notch, grow up a little and definitely just keep calm and carry on. #stayhealthy


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