Spring Cleaning

even though the weather has been on and off spring-like to really be able to confidently say It’s Springtime in Toronto. i still decided to do the dreadful spring cleaning. i had a staycation last week and it started off with a cold. but i shrugged that off by Tuesday and helped jony do some unproductive unpacking. after spending a few days with her i was determined to do my room finally. i’d say about 5-6 years worth of hoarding was thrown in the garbage. i told myself if it’s a “maybe” item, its-gotsa-go. 10 garbage bags later… along with a 15+ year old computer table, a broken tv/vcr, 3 PCs, 1 laptop… i was finally done -only took 4 days. my mom felt the need to unwind so we headed out to Niagara for some much needed gambling (since we didn’t do it for her birthday this year_). she won the jackpot, blah blah blah, all expense paid, blah blah, my mom is the best and the luckiest everytime.

no pictures available. i was too ashamed and it would prove that i was at one point in my twenties an official hoarder, if i had taken photos. hahaha.

during the room gutting, i realized, i had a lot of things outstanding in my personal life that i wanted and needed to get done to feng shui my life in general. but overall i feel refreshed, i feel accomplished. tap on the back for all that and cheers to getting shit done. on to the next ones:

  • i found a lot of pennies and loose change – got paid $36.45 from all that, SCORE!
  • gotta get a new mattress and a ceiling fan, definitely new socks
  • CRA + taxes + credit report
  • i thought i lost my pandora moranos and string, good thing i found it. “it’s always in the last place you look, hahah true say”
  • get a new modem or switch to tecksavvy for more gigs and less money.
  • get my semi-yearly check up.
  • go to a chiro and get aligned
  • next up… shoe closet, storage room
  • figure out how to get access to old harddrives (at least i took them out before throwing out the techs)
  • put up stuff on the wall & print pictures

after seeing this post. i got my PM position official earlier this month, saving yes, paying bills yes, just went to the chiro (literally today, and i feel healthier already)… all this means – i’m on track this year so far.

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