Unfinished Busy-ness

so last year i wrote this post. i just read it and i had to admit that – those plans never surfaced. then i catch myself repeating: failing to plan and planning to fail. of course here it goes:


  • I need to get my G2 before summer, for mini trips in surrounding areas.
  • I will NOT plan on any intercontinental – trips and just save ALOT!
  • Speaking of saving – I will set up a payment plan for our much needed future *love-nest* with J
  • Budget Budget Budget – no new clothes until necessary so i have the motivation to go down sizes instead of go/remain where i am weight-wise.
  • Which means more focus on health (like quitting smoking indefinitely, going to the gym, build muscles and increase stamina — etc.) let’s aim 3-5 lbs per month.
  • Further decrease (like literally put a dent on that huge consolidation loan). So i can afford…
  • to get married.
  • but first let’s Get engaged (ahem-ahem)
  • career check: PM

It will be a year of decisions. No more waiting. I need to start prioritizing -heres to better tomorrows. Wish me luck.

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