Wedding Shivers

just got back on spotify (long story short because i’m Canadian, i had no access) – and the first album i found myself on is John Legend’s Love in the Future. loving every bit of course. he recently had a concert here in Toronto but unfortunately i didn’t get to buy tickets. then my mind wandered over to his website to find out where he’s playing next that i can randomly travel to, if reasonable. i was considering doing an overnight wherever the concert was gonna be all on my own, just to listen to him sing and serenade – haha then i looked at the prices and wandered back to work.

then i found the fan-made video that they made for “All of me” and immediately i got the eureka moment thinking my cousin needs to make my wedding slideshow like this. then youtube suggested me to watch the video below and i kid you not i got the absolute shivering, goosebumping, sweaty palms-armpits-to-singit type of intense feeling that i’ve never felt before. the kind of thing you only feel when things feel right. when you witness something magical. it happened before my eyes. i felt like crying – too emotional about this. let me tell you what i saw:

i saw a vision of what i want my wedding to look like – if possible. the hanging lights, the intimate rooftop, the city view, sunset/sunrise looking sky. looking at him as i walk towards that breathtaking view. while everyone is busy looking at me …i walk down the isle to be married with glitter in my eyes proving what i feel inside my swelling heart. i saw it all. i saw a girl singing …when you’re in love, i saw my BMs trying not to cry with a smile, the GMs chests out and proud, cameras flashing. i saw it happen so fast, it was over before we knew it and i am caught being in J’s arms whispering little secrets to each other of the happiness, the love –while our photographer captures every second of that happiness for our scrapbook. it was beautiful.

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