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we need to start defining certain things for our own good.

we need to start having definite answers to A question.

who we are at a given time should be defined. we should be able to say i am dot dot dot, because dot dot dot. dot dot dot should not just remain dot dot dot.

we also need to stop showing people actions that most often gets mis-interpretted. others should not be able to judge your character solely on what they see. they can’t feel what you feel, no one will ever have the same reaction, the same perception. stop letting people define you, be able to answer this question and question.

be able to mold yourself by filtering what matters and what doesn’t. life is just one big interview. you are thrown a few basic questions that are easy to answer but also behavioural qustions are the hardest. in a great interview you should be able to answer precisely, with supporting examples.

note to self: if you don’t have the answer it’s because you haven’t experienced it. and if that person or thing brought this question to you then  it’s a sign that you need to experience it to be able to answer the question.

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