wedding rituals galore

it has begun. my first wedding of the year is 2 weeks away and the next one is 1 month away. 1 bachelorette down 2 to go. after this weekend, it would be 1 bridal shower down, 2 to go. wow and i didn’t lose the weight i wanted to, but at least i stayed the same weight from losing ~10 pounds. time to stop eating.

tomorrow i shop for bridal shower gift/s. wow, it’s a little overwhelming. bachelorette shopping is at least easier cause it’s just for gags and fun. but bridal showers include family and i don’t know what the etiquette is for these things.

but then again, it would normally just be a period of time. and then you just cross your fingers you won’t be required to be a bridesmaid… hahah but then when you’re not, you’re actually offended. sigh. adult thangs~ fwp, is it though, is this considered an fwp when marriage is celebrated all over the world. maybe it’s considered fwp-NA (north america version?) lol.

it’s all good though, complaining doesn’t help. all i know is i have a long day tomorrow. loooooooooong meaning running errands, shopping, meeting with a bride to be, + spending time with gfs and bfs. wooow. always ms. last minute.

there’s more to blog about but i think i’d rather spend time to make a to do list.

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