Happy Birthday Nay!


She is my best friend. She is the mother I could not have dreamed of any other way. There’s something so special about her specifically, that all I could ever ask for is to be just like her when I myself become a mother. We have had our ups, downs, and sideways. But here we are with out wishing for anything more.

As I grow older I begin to learn why she was the way she was. All the sacrifices she’s had to endure to help me be where I want and needed to be today. I live each day knowing that she’s just right there no matter what. She is my back up parachute. I live to be her trophy and in her eyes there’s nothing I could do wrong.

By all means I am far from being the perfect daughter. But I strive to be her her pride and joy. I strive to live my life to make her happy, to make her proud. To make her feel like I’m what she was brought here for. Every year on her birthday, I’m reminded of being her reason for living. Her birthday is not just a celebration of birth, it is the definition of my existence, where it all began.

Nay – Happy Birthday. Thank you for being genuine and honest. Thank you for continuing to grow for me, for us. You are doing a great job with raising me and you have been so supportive. I celebrate the day of your birth as it is the definition of my existence as well. Thank you for making all the decisions that has led us here, together. I love you so much and I wish you a year of prosperity and I only hope to keep you happy as always.

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