taking a leap.

a_aaa-Career-Developmentbaby steps has led me here. what have i reached today – i’m at the i can do it stage (insert smiley face here). i’ve realized that i can’t keep waiting for something to happen and just let it happen for myself. i’ve decided i will take advantage of the resources i have and just take the leap. i am doing a laterral move within Research Now and i have taken the i’ll try to do it phase and now it’s just a matter of waiting and going through the formalities.

i love the culture in my company and find that it’s great place to work despite all its many misconceptions. i just hope that moving will still make me love the place. what is the next step; Project Management – hoping for a title of project manager. there i’d like to stay a while and really excel – i hope to learn about processes, real project management, problem solving, problem solving with the client, and organization. these are all the things i loved to do but have lost along the way as the years went by due to change of scopes in my current position, etc. etc. i googled real quick before writing and this i must read before the weekend is over New Role. So this weekend will be spent at home with jony and cranking out our resume together and brainstorming of possible interview scenarios. so hopefully, by Monday i would have submitted my resume and it’s just a waiting game after that.

enough about me though. tonight J left for Vegas with his high school buddies for a bachelor long weekend. blah blah blah, i’m going to miss him. but it’s not just me who’s taking a leap of faith this week, he’s also taking a big leap – skydiving. he’s excited, scared, and more excited. i hope i get a call in a couple of days with him telling me the story of him actually doing it. i wish one day that i can earn enough courage to take that type of leap… but fear about this always just gets the best of me. whatever happened to the fearless side of me. i think it has left the building. (oh gosh the Evil Dead remake just played and as i looked up there was this kid in a little crack on the floor – creepy looking girl saying “i’m gonna get you” – looking like a better version of the exorcist girl – sigh – change topic – delete from memory).

i know a lot of girls would be worried about their man spending a weekend with their boys in Vegas. but i trust J, he’s never given me any reason not to trust him and i really hope he keeps it that way. i’ll act all worried to make sure he knows that there is still that doubt but overall i can honestly say i trust the guy. he’s been loyal and honest with me – honest enough to say he would tell me if something happened. as long as he still looks at me the way he does with his eyes proving that he’s longing to be with me, as long as he hugs me like he never wants to let me go then i’m good. (J – i know you’re reading this. be good babe! love you)

tomorrow is this short week’s friday. we’re doing the Harlem Shake at work and i need to figure out an outfit – it’s supposed to be a canadian theme but i feel like wearing my Philippines shirt. goodnight babe. facetime you tomorrow. have fun!!!!

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