remembering style

i wish i could go back to school – to remind myself of proper grammars and be able to write as if i was writing a book. i dream of broadening my knowledge, expanding my vocabulary, and strengthen my brain capacity. i’m starting to realize that i need to read more. i need to focus harder on remembering details, facts, and everything in between.

i wish to not have to write notes to remind myself. have i gotten that busy to not be able to remember what i ate last week? is this a tell-tale sign of dementia? i really hope not. maybe i could just slow down, stop multi-tasking. savour the moments. anyways enough about my ramblings about my most evident flaw…


this weekend i will see old friends, old acquaintances, old flings and things lol. i’ve been invited to be a god mother for an old friends baby girl – felicia. it should be fun to see familiar faces, to catch up with people i haven’t seen in what feels like forever. there would be a few that i would wish i had a second chance to meet again for the first time. it’s the whole mentality that everything happens for a reason – had it not been for these people in my past, i wouldn’t be who i would be today – in all honesty. stay tuned for a picture filled entry – possibly a before and after

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