working with mr dell


i finally have mr dell from work (company laptop) – now i don’t have to fight time with mr hp from my mom or my boyfriend and can just work as per normal on my laptop. i have considered getting a macbook pro, but in all honestly it’s only cause it’s pretty. i’m really happy with windows actually, only cause i’m used to it. i know the ins and outs. i’m used to the interface and it already fits my basic needs of internet surfing, minimal image editing and it’s fun to do all the CTRL shortcuts. getting a mac would have to make me learn all of the shortcuts all over again. eventually when i can afford the luxury of having a mac, i vow to get one as a reward for all the hard work. but right now the goal is to get financially stable, get my savings up, and plan for the future – like getting married, investing on a property, and having kids.


tonight i hung out with the girls. although i wanted this as my work laptop bag (cambridge satchel – must have eventually) . i’ve settled on a $15 temporary bag to transport mr dell around. i boasted about having a name for my devices but i really don’t call them by their names unless i’m blogging about them… but maybe i should start – but really i would have to remind people who i’m calling what, so i won’t even bother. mr dell is nice to work on. battery is not that bad (yet). the keyboard’s nice and silent and flat which i love about laptops all around.

wait what was i supposed to write about again? oh right. the fact that jony let me reminisce of the first few times i messaged her random long ass messages on facebook. basically when i felt strongly about something, i write them long. i’m never the story teller in person but when i feel strongly about the subject, i can go on and on and on virtually. it’s fun to re-read things that you wrote in the past. it helps you remember those moments of clarity, anonymity for a split second trying to recall what the heck you were rambling on in the first place. and then you start remember when, where, why, and how you wrote such words to describe a certain description of the surroundings. just like now – in this entry – i would look back at this a month from now and remember the feeling of doing my first post with mr dell. at the present i’m sure i would be like, oh look at me all excited and such.

but you know what on to the next one – i always say.

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