back to basic necessities

i have been using my company smartphone (Android – Yukk! – mean yey free phone) for the past couple of weeks and i must say, it has been hard. i realized that for the most part the iPhone is still the friendliest interface in comparison to other phones. good thing i didn’t cut my line off so that i can still go back to my old ways. the absence has made me realize that most of the time wasted was because of games- instead of reading in the subway i’m playing. instead of writing events down on paper i was relying on google calendar to remind me of what’s about to come. it made me realize that i had no solid routine outside of the iphone and that reminded me that technology is never reliable and that i should always have a backup.

when did i stop using my real camera? when did i stop sleeping in the subway because i’d rather play than fast nap for 10 minutes? when did i become so addicted to listening to music when there’s no company around to entertain me? why did i become so reliant on shortcuts rather than the long cut? why is it that i crave for the simplicity of the iphone everytime i try to redo all my routines for android?

at the end of the day i can get another phone. everyone suddenly appears to be getting rid of theirs but here i am wanting one still. but newsflash it sounds like it’s a good time to get off the apple wagon cause it’s about to get saturated. with new iphones coming out every 6 months and the phone companies catching on to charging the regular price and no runarounds from it cause it is now regulated (or something). i don’t think i like the idea of buying 1 lasting me 3 years when every 6 months my phone becomes slower and slower due to apple not taking older models into consideration. grrr – if i hadn’t lost my phone would i have been worrying about my obscene use of technology?

dang lets get back to basics. let’s use vinyls to listen to 1 song… to really enjoy it. lets get back into taking real photographs with a camera and not just a low qual that you have to edit to make the photo more enticing. let’s go back to getting together and actually playing a real boardgame with real people for all that it’s good for, human interaction, increased brain activity, and good ‘ol fun. let’s stop living virtually and start actually living. get off facebook, stop staring at your phone when you’re walking around – enjoy your surrounding look up down, left, right. sit at the park when it’s nice outside. remember how to read and write. remember that you don’t need all these things… you don’t need 1 thing like a phone to do everything. it’s not a necessity, you don’t need it so put it away. the end.

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