8 happy years

8 years

if i read back to the earlier days of my relationship with J – i would suspect to read all the usual gush about how much i was falling in love, how much i did love, and how much i cherished all the firsts we had shared. it would chronicle the generic confession of a girl finding true love at the right time and place. it would naturally explain the ups and downs of acquiring unconditional love, including all the uncertainties and insecurities a real relationship has to offer. it would paint a picture of how two random people can be the exception to every rule.

we did not meet in the most conventional way but somehow it all just worked out the way it did. the most common phrase i would use was “i wouldn’t have wanted it any other way, than our way”. i’m a little regretful that i have not been focusing too much about blogging on the topic of US as i was back in the day, but it’s certainly a good sign when you start seeing gaps in the storytelling because i was simply too busy living.

another reason why i stopped writing for the most part is because i didn’t want to be repetitive. considering the amount of time we’ve been together, everytime i wanted to start talking about US, i found myself saying the same positive things and venting about the same queries and frustrations. so instead i would leave it as is and move on. in all simplicity, it’s still quiet a rollercoaster  ride as usual and i’m finding it harder to transfer my feeling towards him into real words. it’s never been easy, even in those instances when i did write about US. i’ve always been lost for words when it came to him. i’ve always felt that what i write wasn’t sufficient to explain what i truly felt inside. it sucks because at the end of the day there has been a tremendous amount of things that wasn’t captured both in writing or in pictures. i’ve realized that as we grow older, time starts to pass too fast and this ritual is something i really want to hang on to. i need to invest in time to cherish and acknowledge all the good and the bad about US.

in celebration of our anniversary, i don’t mind saying the following in repetition. i am still truly, madly, deeply in love with this man. after 8 years, he is still able to make me laugh and love for all the right reasons. he has been supportive in all the things i chose to do. he still hugs and kisses me the way he did 7 years ago. i still melt when he tells me he loves me out of nowhere. there are certain things that we both need to work on but after 8 years we are no longer shy of admitting where we are strong as a couple, and where we are weak as individuals. in the next character building years we have decided to focus on settling down. we’ve concluded that we are no longer as young as we were and together we will start taking calculated risks together as partners should.

happy anniversary love, toast to “the best is yet to come…” i know i don’t say this enough lately but i love you and i believe in you. my belief in US will remain strong until you give me a reason to stop believing in us. thank you for all the good times and bad. thank you for sticking around through sickness, health – richer days and poorer days (literally). let’s vow now to aid each other to be strong and to persevere in this lifetime. this is our time baby, nothing can stop us from what we want to do. let’s promise to be each others inspiration to achieve all of our heart’s desires. let’s make all ours dreams come true. let’s work together in building the solid foundation needed for our future. xoxo

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