Social Networks

i guess it’s not facebook’s fault should it’s members and mostly my acquaintances decide to flaunt everything and anything. i try not to get envious of posts, i just tell myself instead of getting jealous, just do it too. there’s always going to be aspects of another person’s life that we also want for ourselves and of course vise versa. it’s that vise versa that keeps me on facebook. i look at facebook and assume it’s pinterest. it’s about getting a network of great people that does endless great things all in one newsfeed. think of it as a personal pinterest. of course, this is assuming that the network of your list are people who are extraordinary, a list of special beings living a life you may not have thought of one way or another. so start taking advantage of these social media sites as a means of inspiration, and if it doesn’t then heck yeah, we don’t want your negativity on there either. thanks anyway.

read on…to-all-social-media-quitters-or-to-be-quitters/

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